Look What The Banks Are Doing

Look What The Banks Are Doing, Not What They Want You To Do.

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This week David talks about one an asset that banks hold billions and dollars of dollars in. In fact, in a recent period, banks bought up over 40-billion dollars in this asset. What is it you may ask? Banks own billions of Dollars in BOLI’s (Banked Owned Life Insurance). The largest banks currently own up to 25% of their safest assets (Tier-One Capital) in Cash Value Life insurance. It’s very telling when you study the balance sheets of the very financial institutions who advocate that the average investor on main street speculate with their life’s savings while they in fact do the exact opposite. For instance, in a recent 9-month period, Citibank bought up over 1-billion dollars in Cash Value Life Insurance to add to their investment holdings. During this same time period, do you know what Citibank’s wholly owned subsidiary was advising their clients when visiting their website? “Buy Term and Invest The Rest” (speculate). This is only one of many examples of the hypocrisy that exist by the Big Banks who own the Major Wall Street firms.

Much of this information can be validated by the research of our good friend Barry Dyke and his book: The Pirates Of Manhattan.  An industry doesn’t buy over 40-billion dollars of something that is bad for them during during a shaky economy.

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David extensively talks about a Forbes Article: The Real Cost of Owning Mutual Funds Stop and read this article. It’s well worth it if you have every owned a mutual fund.

Stay tuned, next week, David is going to break down the numbers behind properly structured cash value policy vs. an alternative market-based investment and how it would realistically performed in comparison to an actual cash value policy. Study the facts and get informed. Those who would have you believe that a cash value policy has no place in your life have ulterior motives. Don’t just listen to Wall Street and wand what their advisors are advocating. Studying what they do is more revealing of the truth. Wall Street does NOT want informed people capable of critical thinking to make important financial decisions with regard to their savings. Don’t just take our word for it, do your own research.

Listen in to find out why what you thought to be true about Life insurance is not true. It’s not just about the death benefits. When you work with someone who understands how to properly structure an over-funded cash value policy, you will come to realize like the banks have that this is one of the most powerful asset classes that can help you weather the upcoming financial storms. 

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