Think And Operate Like A Bank

Note to KARN listeners, The Video is below. Who won the game of tic tac toe the first time you played? You and I regularly lost this game as children until we understood the rules and strategy of the game. Do the financial institutions tic tac toeteach you the rules? NO!  They aren’t about to tell you how to play the game. When you learn the rules and strategies of winning  the game,  only then will you turn the banking equation in your favor. Who controls the banking equation in your life? If you don’t control the banking equation, by default, the banks will happily fill this roll.

The average American pays 34.5% of their income to someone else’s bank. Seemingly the solution to this problem is to pay cash for everything. This common mind set seriously hinders people’s ability to accumulate substantial  long term savings. They’ve unknowingly failed to maximize what Albert Einstein said was the eighth wonder of the world: Compounding Interest. SEE: Why Compounding Interest Doesn’t Work.  Paying cash for life’s major purchases seemingly is a wise financial choice. However, this notion overlooks the fact that We Finance EVERYTHING We buy. We either pay interest, or We give up the ability to earn interest.   Banking is one of the most profitable businesses in the world. (See recent broadcast: How Banks Make Money Be sure to watch the video).  It’s time you begin to think and operate like a bank, or you will be perpetually  enslaved to a system built to keep you coming back for more.

Watch the video below to understand various banking strategies. What is the most efficient way to go about making life’s major purchases such as automobiles? David, breaks down the math and analyzes multiple borrowing strategies. Always remember:

The way you spend your money is equally important as the act of actually saving your money.

If for some reason your internet browser is not displaying the video below, you can watch it by clicking HERE. To take advantage of the knowledge in this video we recommend viewing the video in full screen mode.