June the 14th, 2014 Broadcast

On Wall Street, it is believed that “he who makes the rules makes the money.”  That’s a great mantra, if you happen to be the one cashing in.June 14

Unfortunately, as it turns out, most of us aren’t cashing in because we only know the rules, of this ever-changing game, as they’re explained to us. Wall Street knows and takes full advantage of this fact!

On this week’s episode of the DL Show, David revisits the idea, originally established by his partner Tony Walker, of helping savers worry less about money® during the second half of life.

Tony’s The WorryFree Retirement® speaks in depth about how his 20+ years of experience within the Wall Street Machine have changed his unique approach toward retirement planning for the better.  By both understanding and recognizing The Three Personalities Of Money®, Tony has helped thousands of people identify and utilize their financial DNA, and in return sleep better at night knowing, not just hoping, that their money is safe.  Tony’s practice in the financial trenches allows for him to know, not just speculate, how Americans should be planning for retirement.

If you haven’t taken the three personalities test, visit 3personalities.comand discover which of the three distinct personalities you are.

There will never be a better time than now to take the necessary steps in safeguarding your future by experiencing a The WorryFree Retirement®  for yourself.  Learn more about this safe, simple and unique process by going HERE

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