The Monetary Monster Does Exist!

How much do you know about the Federal Reserve Note—aka money—your wallet? It is a little known fact that all of the currency circulating within our economy was created out of debt.

one hundred dollar bill closeupOur current monetary system utilizes mostly government bonds as backing for the money supply, and it has locked the nation into perpetual debt. So what happens to these funds? Where do they go? Who creates them?

In this week’s installment of the DL Show, David re-visits his past interview with author of The Creature From Jekyll Island, G. Edward Griffin. Listen to David and Griffin as they discuss the secret meeting on Jekyll Island, Ga., at which the conception of the Federal Reserve took place. According to Griffin, Six men, representing 25% of the world’s ENTIRE wealth at the time, deftly devised a system that would later convince both Congress and the American public that they were a legitimate agency of the US Government. This very meeting would birth the banking cartel better known as the Federal Reserve. Griffin goes on to tell the amazing story of how the creators of the Fed had one simple strategy: to protect its members from competition.

printing-money-mediumAlso in the interview, David and Griffin discuss The Mandrake Mechanism; the term coined by Griffin himself. The Mandrake Mechanism—a process unknown by the vast majority of the public— is the process by which money is created within our economy.

Since the National Bank’s inception, there have been many consequences of the system that was devised in secret. From the beginning the basic plan for the Fed was to stabilize the economy…yet instability persists.

the-creature-from-jekyll-islandFrom the crashes of 1921 and 1929, the great depression of 29’ to 39’, the recession in 53’ 57’ 69’ 75’ and 1981, “Black Monday” in 87’, and 1000% inflation which has destroyed 90% of the US dollar value.

Inflation is the largest hidden tax known to man. According to, inflation is the rate at which the general level of prices for goods and services is rising, and, subsequently, purchasing power is falling. What occurs naturally through inflation the public would never tolerate through direct taxation. In fact, US citizens are subjected to enormous hidden taxes that grow in the guise of inflation each year.

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