The 6-Step Mortgage Planning Process

If you are a regular listener of The David Lukas show, then you are no stranger to the concept Mortgage Planning. David has done multiple shows on the topic of Welfels-mb6Mortgage Planning over the years. Here are a few of those shows: Pay Off Your Mortgage The Right Way,  Mortgage Planning, What Is It? , Mortgages, The Right Choice An entire chapter in David’s book is dedicated to the topic.

This week, David is joined by Lee Welfel, Author of the best selling book: The Mortgage Book David is a long time friend of Lee and had the honor of writing the foreword to this book. Lee has pioneered the 6-Step Mortgage Planning Process to serve as a guide to those looking to take out a mortgage.

Tune in to hear David and Lee Discuss: 

The Fatal Flaw

The Importance of working with a local lender

The Six-Step Mortgage Planning Process

And much more……..

If you would like to contact Lee Welfel, he can be reached by calling: 501-519-7744 or to learn more visit: 

You can order a copy of Lee’s book now by going to the Online Store. For a limited time,  Use the coupon code: “mortgagebook10” to get your copy for just $10.00!

Tune in, Listen and Learn…….