Confessions of a CPA: The Truth About Life Insurance

the-truth-about-life-insuranceListen to David interview Bryan Bloom, author of “The Truth About Life Insurance” book two in his “Confessions of a CPA” series. Bloom’s second installment, of the Confessions series, was written to “dispel some of those issues and teach people, the American public, how to use their life insurance before they die.”

Throughout the program Bloom explains how life insurance policyholders can use their own money to “leverage everything else that they’re doing,” by understanding some important principles and their personal Economic Human Value. EHV equals how much money it would take to replace yourself as a “financial engine” in your family. And if removed, “what lump sum of money would be necessary to sustain your family with 50 thousand a year—for life.  By using some “uncommon strategies” we, the policyholders, can obtain our value before we need it, instead of needing it and not being able to have it.  Bloom encourages his fellow Americans to start looking at life through the insurance perspective: better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

By implementing the principles discussed, both, with David and inside Bloom’s book, you will gain the power of financial leverage. See: How Banks Make Money

Gain the Power of Financial Leverage
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