What’s A Saver To Do In a Market Driven World?

In the game of retirement planning, are you winning? Do you trust your financial or retirement rep’s best interests in planning your future? If you answered yes to both of these questions, you’re ahead of the game. If not, then you may be a Saver in need of some help.

What qualifies someone as a Saver, you ask?

The answer is simple. A Saver is someone who’s more concerned in the ownership of his or her money/ assets, and less interested in risk involved with investments on Wall Street.

So what’s a Saver to do when they’re told to throw all of their money into the market?

This week on the David Lukas show, David talks about how planning your retirement correctly can substitute the security and dependability of your granddad’s long-gone pension plan.

I have a 401k. What’s wrong with my 401K?

Throughout the hour David explains how if you are at or near retirement, the traditional 401K may not be the safest way to plan in today’s volatile market. This is because the money you have currently vested in the market is at RISK. Savers don’t like risk, especially when they need it most-near retirement.

With traditional 401k’s there is no liquidity or allowance for the use of your money before age 59.5—your assets! So, if you can’t access the money, do you truly own that money?

How do I know what type of annuities are right for me? Annuities are not right for everyone. But for Savers, they are just what they are looking for. It takes a retirement specialist, to understand how to integrate an annuity properly into a retirement income plan.

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Remember: a dollar is not worth anything until it’s converted to cash and used.

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