What Women Need to Know About Retirement…

In a society where women tend to live longer than men, knowing how to best plan for longevity in retirement is becoming increasingly more important. In fact, because so many women are outliving their spouses, they’re contending with the issue of running out of money.

This week on the David Lukas Show, David talks about how, more commonly than not, wives are outliving their husbands and what women can do to NOW to safeguard themselves against possible future financial disaster.

Topics discussed:

  • The likelihood of a long retirement
  • How women need long term care
  • Planning correctly to create income during retirement
  • Why spouses should wait till 70 to collect on Social Security
  • Rising healthcare and medical costs

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Remember, it is possible to generate income after retirement. You just need to plan with someone who knows how to get you there.

To read the article discussed in today’s episode, click here.

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