What types of asset protection do you have in place?

On this episode of the David Lukas Show, attorney and author JJ Childers talks about the importance of personal asset protection. Listen to Childers explain how it is perfectly possible , and legal, to protect your money from taxes, lawsuits, and debt with the many tools and vehicles that are currently at your disposal.

concept home assurances protectionAccording to Childers, there are three legal pitfalls that people leave their assets vulnerable to when there is a failure to take the necessary protective steps:

  • Lawsuits
  • Extensive Income Taxes
  • Substantial Death Taxes

Business holdings can also lead to liability when it comes to asset protection. LLCs (Limited Liability Company or Corporation) can shield personal assets from lawsuits or claims made against a particular business.

Childers goes on to mention how many people and business owners pay unnecessary taxes each year because they just don’t know any better.

dollars-flying-away-in-the-skyHeavy taxation after death is a nasty reality. Unfortunately those who fail to setup a will, trust, and other forms of asset protection waste thousands of valuable dollars in probate. That’s a fact!

Attorney J.J. Childers attained his Bachelor of Business Administration degree as well as his Juris Doctor. As a licensed attorney, Childers has saved small business people throughout the United States protect millions of dollars from lawsuits, income taxes, and death taxes.

No one ever secured a sound financial future by waiting to plan. The best time to establish asset protection is before problems arise. David Lukas Financial specializes in specific uncommon strategies that can safeguard your hard earned assets.

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