Lesson 1: Wall Street’s Valuation Vs. Insurance Companies

– First in the Annuities ED Series –

THE DEFINITION OF RISK is the chance that an investment’s actual return will be different than expected. Risk includes the possibility of losing some or all of the original investment. Different versions of risk are usually measured by calculating the standard deviation of the historical returns or average returns of a specific investment. A high standard deviation indicates a high degree of risk. – Investopedia.com

sharks-financial-riskIn this first installment of the Annuities ED series of the David Lukas Show, David and Tony Walker, his partner and mentor, talk about the two different camps (Wall Street and the insurance world) on the financial front and clarify how RISK is the main difference between investments and annuities.

Throughout the hour, Tony and David discuss how the guaranteed income of your granddad’s pension still lives through the security of annuities backed by insurance companies. They also explain how, with the right knowledge and facts, you too can secure guaranteed income for you and your family—for life!

If you’re a saver that’s uninterested in the uncertain volatility of the Stock Market then you’ll want to listen to the entire episode. Be sure to tune in each Saturday at 12:00pm for the next installment of the Annuities ED series. It’s definatly something you won’t want to miss.

The two types of annuities discussed during todays show are:

Fixed: Fixed annuities are invested primarily in high-grade corporate bonds and government securities and there are two types: the Guaranteed Return Annuities (GRA) is a fixed annuity that offers a fixed guaranteed interest rate.

Indexed: An Fixed-Indexed Annuity works like this: Fixed-Indexed Annuities give you the best of both worlds. The opportunity to share in a rising market. In addition, interest credited to the contract is locked in (usually annually) and cannon be lost. Fixed-indexed annuities provide the safety that you won’t loose a dollar when the market tanks. Income riders are very popular on these fixed index annuities. They provide guaranteed income for life that the contract holder can never outlive.

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