The WorryFree Retirement®

How are you wired for risk?tony-bio-picture

Listen to David speak with Tony Walker, author of Don’t Follow the Herd, The Worry Free Retirement  and The Three Personalities of Money, about how listeners, like you, can implement the successful Five Step Process within their own retirement plans.

Walker, creator of The WorryFree Retirement®, developed this unique process in the early 90’s for“savers”. Before all else, Walker takes how God has created you, specifically, into consideration by assessing how you’re wired for risk. And because the risk tolerance questionnaires many financial advisors are still using as starting points for portfolio planning are now obsolete, in today’s volatile market, consumers needed a product that would see them through the three halves of life.

By understanding which annuities are best suited for what customers, Walker was also able to create the Annuity Decision Guide.  Deciding what annuities to purchase can be a daunting task. With the Guide’s assistance, all guesswork is taken out of the equation. And unlike most financial advisors, Walker has great working knowledge of how properly used annuities can streamline the retirement planning process.

To learn more about how Fixed and Index Annuities can benefit you and your retirement portfolio, call David Lukas, (501) 218-8861, at David Lukas Financial. David has partnered with Tony and his WorryFree Retirement® network to help his clients implement the WorryFree Retirement® process. It’s unlike anything in the industry.

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