Rates Matter Less Than Risk In Retirement

We’ve all experienced the adage that “past performance is no true indication of future results.” Back in March of 2009 the market bottomed out and then it came roaring back setting record after record. But even with all this gain, many have lost thousands of dollars each year because they didn’t plan for their specific needs or they were taking more risk than they were comfortable with. So the question is, if you’re invested in the market, what do you do now? How much risk do you have to take?


This week, on The David Lukas Show, David talks about what options Savers, current investors, and potential investors have as far as the stock market is concerned. Throughout the hour, David names and defines the the most important things that retirees need to know about saving for retirement.


Topics discussed in today’s show aka, the…

5 pillars of investing that could impact your savings for retirement:


  1. Don’t have unrealistic expectations about your investments or assume that the gains of the past will always reflect the same gains in the future
  2. Proactively plan for claiming your Social Security benefits correctly—this could save you thousands in lost income
  3. Have an income plan from diversified sources
  4. Ensure that your portfolio matches your tolerance for risk
  5. Have a strategy to protect yourself from healthcare and long term care costs


To hear all of the expert information David has for our email inquirer and you, listen to the entire episode today.


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Listener’s emails addressed on today’s show:


Female listener in Little Rock, AR asked:

My husband passed away in May of 2017. My Social Security survivor benefit from him would be about $1,500 a month. I’m 61 yrs old and earning about $38,200 a year. Am I entitled to any benefits while I work and earn this money? Social Security says no. What do you say?


Female listener in Benton, AR asked:

If my husband’s Social Security benefit will amount to half than what mine will be, can he start drawing at age 62 and then increase to half of mine when I retire? Or does he have to wait until full retirement age?

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