What You Need To Know About Required Minimum Distributions: RMDs

Saving for retirement isn’t easy. It takes a career’s worth of time and dedication to accumulate the kind of money most people need to retire WorryFree®. What a lot of planning retirees aren’t accounting for is the possibility of losing more than half of their money due to the penalties, taxes and fees associated with Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs).

This week on the David Lukas Show, David talks about how underestimating and inadequately planning for RMDs can ruin any carefully planned retirement. Throughout the hour, David talks about:  

  • What accounts are subject to RMDs
  • What accounts save you from RMDs
  • When you need to take your RMD—important deadlines
  • How to calculate your RMD
  • How RMDs are taxed
  • How to create a proactive RMD strategy to protect you from unnecessary taxes, fees and penalties

To hear all of the excellent information David Lakas of David Lukas Financial has about Required Minimum Distributions, listen to the entire show today.

Book recommendation from today’s show : The Power of Zero by David McKnight

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