Keep Things Simple

When The Market is dipping and diving week on end, it’s hard to just sit back and “hang in there.” Especially when we’ve all been pigeonholed into being an investor or a speculator.

organize-moneyUnfortunately for Wall Street, we’re not all Investors and Speculators. In fact, many of us are Savers looking to safeguard our retirement funds—not gamble them away or put them into something that is unpredictable or uncertain.

This week on the DL Show, David talks about how annuities should work for and benefit Savers. Also, David discusses the steps that Savers can take to buy annuities safely.

Key Items discussed:

  • Beware the unscrupulous salesman
  • The security Fixed Indexed Annuities provides

Scripture of the Day: Bible Verse(s) discussed (NIV): Proverbs 8-11

What the bible has to say about wisdom: Instruction is key in gaining knowledge and later attaining wisdom.

Are you struggling just to understand things? Are you confused and acting on impulse when people are trying to sell you things? If you find yourself stuck in these situations or decisions, look to God.

Do you have a specific financial question that needs answering. Call or write in to David Lukas Financial, and possibly get your question answered on the air!

If you’re a saver that’s interested in finding out more about the WorryFree Retirement® Process, you’ll want to listen to the entire episode. Also, be sure to tune in Saturday at 2:00pm for the next installment of the Annuities ED Series. It’s definitely something you won’t want to miss.