It’s Halloween And That’s Scary…But Retirement Doesn’t Have To Be

This week, on the David Lukas Show, David chats about all the bad things that can rain on your retirement parade. So what’s the best thing to combat the retirement woes? Knowledge!

halloweenThroughout the hour, David discusses the four costs of money and what Savers can and should do to educate themselves on:

  1. Fees – know and understand the fees you are paying
  2. Taxes – know and understand how much you are paying on what
  3. Premiums – know and understand the projected fees your FA could/will earn
  4. Interest – know and understand how devastating compounding interest and lost opportunity cost can be–especially in connection to debt

During the second half of the show, David addresses some questions sent in by listeners.

I just got fired from my employer. I have a 401K and It received the max match benefit from my employer. Will I get to keep that money, and what should I do with it?
Richard from Little Rock, AR.

I have a 401K through my work. Is there any way to close the account and move it to an annuity or an IRA of my choice? I’m not happy with my current advisor and would like to have more control over my money.
Wyatt from Ward, AR.

To hear all the valuable insights David—Little Rock’s own retirement expert—has to give Richard and Wyatt, listen to the entire show today! Do you have 401K questions? Call or write in to David Lukas Financial, and possibly get your question answered on the air!

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