Has The US Stock Market Been Rigged?

Has The US Stock Market Been Rigged?Flash Boys Mech 3p_r3.REV.for cat.indd

If what you thought was true turned out not to be…would you want to know about it?

Listen to David talk about the recent 60 Minute interview with Michael Lewis, the author of the book Flash Boys, and how Lewis blew the whistle on the lucrative business of high frequency trading.  Lewis explains how shaving milliseconds off of the time it takes to purchase through the stock exchange’s network is enabling large investment firms to legally front-run orders and make billions from buying desirable stocks ahead of investors.

Katsuyama, a New York trader with the Royal Bank of Canada, is the man who actually discovered the system was rigged. The BATS Exchange was actually founded by the same high-frequency traders that were able to see what Katsuyama wanted to buy—continuously racing to acquire said stocks first and then sell them back to him at a higher price.

The desperate lengths that Wall Street insiders will go to for gains are staggering and the millions of dollars that have been spent for the unfair advantage over investors is just a drop in the proverbial bucket compared to profits rewarded.

With all of this new information, doesn’t it seem strange that some Wall Street professionals are openly confessing such corruption? In Rich Smith’s May article, written for Daily Finance, he brings to light the recent survey, conducted  by the law firm Labton Sucharow, of 500 financial services professionals; Many of which openly admit to their own opportunities for or instances of unethical business transactions.

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