Don’t Get Mad About Taxes. Get Smart!

Are you needlessly shelling out thousands of dollars in taxes when you could be keeping more of the money for yourself? Are you tired of hearing about how the wealthy are paying less to the IRS while you’re paying more?

The IRS estimates that 20% of Americans miss out on up to $6,000 worth of tax breaks every year. Business owners are missing out as well. Not because they don’t want the break but it’s because they don’t know how to file.


This week on the David Lukas Show, our host talks about how important it is to plan your retirement, collection of Social Security benefits and estate with current and future taxes in mind. In the first half of the show, David discusses what tricks can be utilized and how tax diversification is the key to saving more and paying less on…

the three basic tax categories:

  • Taxed Always– savings account, dividends on investments, brokerage accounts
  • Taxed Later – 401K, IRA, real estate, hard assets
  • Taxed Rarely–  Roth IRA, interest from Municipal bonds, certain types of life insurance contracts

Don’t own too many products (investments, brokerage accounts, real estate, hard assets…) that are taxed the same way or at the same time.


For the second half of the show, David expands upon the varying steps Americans can now take to mitigate their impending Tax Tumor—before retirement.   


To hear all of the important information and advice David of David Lukas Financial has to offer, listen to the entire episode today.


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