Chase Chandler Joins David On The Air

During this week’s show David is joined by Chase Chandler, author of The Wealthy Physician and the Upcoming Book: the Wealthy Family. In addition, Chase is part of the Wealth Freedom Fellowship, and is a featured speaker at this year’s 201chase-chandler-lg-33c814853 Economic Freedom Summit

Chase and David discuss traditional financial planning and why many of the common strategies propagated by the majority of “financial planners” tragically are not even understood by those that advocate many of the Wall Street based plans that are so prevalent within retirement planning circles.

David talks with Chase about what he will be talking about during the Economic Freedom Summit. Visit: to learn more about Chase and what he will be covering during this must attend event.

David wraps the show up talking about The Fed’s decision not to taper (AKA: Cut back on printing money)

Tune In, Listen and learn…..

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