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This is a must hear interview with Todd Ballenger, author of Borrow Smart, Retire Rich, A 7-Step process to managing the wealth in your home.

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Todd began a financial planning practice in Chapel Hill, NC. over the past years Todd has held his Securites Liscence, Life & Health, Real Estate and Mortgage Liscence.

His interest in real estate and mortgage lending led to the development of a mortgage company focused on managing both sides of the balance sheet. Focusing first on cash and liability management, the savings and increased cash flow were then applied toward the future wealth of his clients. That initial vision was rolled into a public offering in 1999. NASDAQ: MDCM (

Since 2000, Todd primarily consults with financial institutions to develop integrated cash and liability management strategies for their lenders and advisors.

Todd has worked with Charles Schwab, Ameriprise, American Express, Merrill Lynch, MetLife, Wachovia, PHH Mortgage, Everbank, Old Mutual, Jackson National, LPL, and many other financial institutions and associations dedicated to developing strategy, content, training, and tools to support their financial advisors in the management of cash, liabilities and assets.

Page one (1) of Borrow Smart, Retire Rich:
“Owning a house can be one of your best tools for creating wealth. A house is a place to live and work, but it can also be an instrument for tax deductions, asset, diversification, leverage, wealth accumulation, wealth transfers and charitable giving.”

Do you look at managing your mortgage as the same as managing the dollars you already have saved?  David and Todd dicuss the fact that your mortgage is one of the most powerful financial tools that you have at your disposal. The way you manage your mortgage, can have far reaching implications on virtually every facet of your financial life, including your ability to save, pay for college and plan for your retirement.

On Page 26 of Borrow Smart Retire Rich:
“For many Americans, more money will likely flow through their house than will ever flow through their other investments. Properly managed, your investment in the house could account for thousands and even millions of dollars in new wealth over your lifetime.”

Tune in to hear David and Todd talk about:

The differnce between your house and your home.

What is EPR?

Safety, Liquidity and Return

The life events that often increase the need for access to the wealth in your house are typically the same events that block such access.

External threats over which you have little or no control can affect your credit in a way that immediately blocks future access to wealth in your house.

And much more!

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