Your Insurance Company, The Fifth Player In Retirement

What would happen to you and/or your family if the financial supports of present—the government, employers, banks, and Wall Street—were, are no longer available to you? Would you still be able to retire WorryFree® or would you have to return to the work force just to make ends meet?

umbrella-insuranceThroughout the hour David explains how insurance companies and the products they provide should definitely be one of the cornerstones of every solid retirement plan. Why? Because none of other players in retirement offer or have the ability to provide guaranteed monthly income. Why is that, you ask? Because life insurance/annuities take longevity risk (the risk of outliving your money) out of the equation and provide what Savers are looking for. Savers want predictability and certainty.

Important topics discussed:

  • Why you need an annuity in your retirement plan
  • How insurance and annuities keep your money safe
  • Specially designed Life Insurance Contracts offer liquidity and access to your money if/when you need it without penalty
  • There is no longevity risk with annuities as with other risky investments

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Tune in next week for a special interview with Tony Walker about the WorryFree Retirement® process.

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