Who’s Making Money Off Of Your Retirement?

Because Americans, en masse, participate in Qualified Plans without having all the details of how they actually work, many soon-to-be retirees are finding that their 401ks are falling short in means of future comfort.

Bad weatherThis week, our host David Lukas dives into the topic of 401ks and what you, as an investor in your future, need to know before retirement. Throughout the hour, David explains and expands on the importance of understanding the negative implications of future taxation as well as the effect that hidden fees can and will have on your hard earned retirement funds.

Important financial questions that David addresses this week:

  1. What types of fees am I paying on my 401k?
  2. How much of my 401k do I actually get to keep?
  3. What are the external costs of my 401k?
  4. How much in taxes do I pay if I want to cash in my 401k before I retire?
  5. What are the differences between the internal, external, and eternal rates of return?

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