What The Government Isn’t Telling You About Your 401K

Although statistics are only a compilation of numbers, they tell us a lot. Especially in the subject of finance. According to the study, “Reclaiming the Future” done by Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America, statistics show that 60% of Americans fear outliving their retirement funds more than they fear their own DEATH! Sixty Percent!

The comfort of death now outweighs the security that people once had in knowing that the retirement they’ve worked their entire lives for isn’t quite what was sold to them.

401k-taxesBaby boomers are set to retire in record numbers and when the Silver Tsunami hits Americans are going to learn live the ugly truths hidden within their 401Ks. Retirees will be forced to realize that the retirement plans they’ve contributed to will then be subject to hefty fees and taxation.

This week, on the David Lukas Show, David and Zach discuss just how unsecure your 401K could truly be and how the IRS collected over 5 billion dollars in penalty fees for individuals that chose to access their own money by cashing in o their 401ks early. ( Check out the DL Show episode Fees, Fees, Fees for an in-depth explanation on the types of fees that your investments could be subject to.)

Throughout the hour, David and Zach explain how the typical 401K can be replaced by a retirement plan that offers:

  • A stable/ predictable standard of living
  • Guaranteed money for life
  • A guarantee in value
  • Protection against market risk
  • A stable worry free source of income

The Studies mentioned and discussed in this weeks show:

If any of the standards of retirement mentioned above reflect your personal retirement goals, you should contact David Lukas Financial today. David Lukas Financial specializes in the uncommon strategies that will allow you to retire with confidence. If you’re a saver interested in Worrying Less About Money® call (800)-559-0933.