To Taper, or Not To Taper?

In this show David addresses when The Federal Reserve will taper (cut back on money printing). This is a constant point of discussion in the financial media. Will The Fed Taper? When Will They Taper? Will Ben say they will taper this month?

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Check out the articles David referenced during this broadcast: 

Bloomberg: FOMC Minutes Show Broad Support for Tapering Timeline

Fox Business: U.S. Fed meeting minutes offer few clues on QE3

The harsh reality is that Ben Bernake can’t taper. Ben Berkake has no idea how to land this QE plane.

Much of what we see from the supposed “recovery” is an illusion. The printing of all this money is merely delaying the inevitable and has NOT gotten to the root cause the problem. The day of reckoning will come and those not prepared will suffer financially.

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