The Seven-Year Itch

On this week’s all new installment of the David Lukas Show, David and Zack talk about how, with careful planning, you can reap the benefits of guaranteed income for life. And because David Lukas Financial is dedicated to helping savers worry less about money®, David and Zach also, throughout the hour, chat about how different peoples’ personalities determine how they both deal with and feel about money.

seven-year-investment-cycleAccording to David, and other reputable financial authorities, market volatility seems to run in seven-year cycles. The disaster that the sub-prime mortgage credit bubble burst of 2007-2008 left in its wake still has some investors desperately trying to pick up the pieces of their ruined retirement, because savers, investors, and speculators alike lost so many precious retirement funds that will never return. The banks to blame were indeed To Big To Fail, because the government did in fact bail them out with taxpayer money!!

speculator-saverThe pain of so much capitol lost has now led many an investor to change their status from speculator to saver. Many now realize that it is their job to check and confirm that the financial products and strategies they’ve chosen are in line with who they are and what best suits their financial personality.

You can avoid the trappings of the one size-fits-all mentality that Wall Street sells. Because neither Wall Street nor the government has any intentions of safeguarding your hard earned retirement funds—it’s up to you! So if you’re more concerned with protecting the return of your money than seeking higher rates of return on your investments the time to act is now.

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