The Power of Zero

dlshow-power-of-zero-3dListen to David chat with the author of “The Power of Zero”, David McKnight, about how Americans have been “weaned on the idea that taxes will be lower during retirement than they were when we were working,” and how the promises that the Federal Government has made for Medicare and Social Security will most certainly drive the U.S. Government to raise taxes drastically.

According to McKnight, one thing’s for certain: taxes must and will go up.  It’s a mathematical fact that tax rates will have to double in order to keep our nation’s debt out of default before the 2023 projected deadline.  This is the dirty little secret the government refuses to talk about and we, as investors, have been asleep at the roulette wheel for too long. America needs to wake up before it’s too late.

It’s time for everyday investors to start thinking and investing in the uncommon strategies Fortune 500 executives have been implementing, for their own finances, for years. According to McKnight, “there is a perfect amount of money to have in each of the three basic types of investment accounts; and when the correct amount of money is in each of these three buckets—that’s when the magic happens…bringing you into the 0% tax bracket.”

During the interview, McKnight also mentions several types of non-traditional IRAs that are available to those who qualify, along with the explanation and suggestion of an LIRP (Life Insurance Retirement Plan). Because the IRS keeps close tabs on all of our investments, except for LIRPs, we, as investors, must do the best we can to move our taxable assets into tax-free positions.

Also listen in to learn how to reposition your assets so your social security is exempt from taxation.

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