The Banking Equation II

whose-future-bookDavid talks about the limited time offer to get a copy of his book for FREE. On 07/20/2013 the book will be made available for no cost as in FREE. Anyone who takes advantage of this offer will will receive a free copy when the book hits the street. Not only is the book free on 07/20/2013 but, so is the shipping!

In addition, David talks about the powerful new documentary called “Banking With Life”. You can also get your hands on this by going HERE

David spends much of the show talking about the “Banking Equation”. Listen in to hear David read excerpts from his upcoming book to be resealed in the next few weeks.

Access the two articles David referenced and talked about on this show

LA Times: Bernake Says Federal Reserve is “focused on Main Street”. Easy Money, the opiate of the U.S. economy