The Financial Fear Monger

There are lots of mixed signals out there, in the financial world. And the new trend is for Financial Advisors and the media to fear monger about everything financial.

Of course it is human to fear and worry about what we don’t understand. Lucky are the listeners of the David Lukas Show, in that he works hard to educate and help Savers Worry Less About Money®.

This week, on the DL Show, David talks about how Wall Street banks on the heavy dose of fear fed to Savers. Promoting the ear of being taken advantage of and fear of the unknown is how Wall Street has duped Savers into thinking that moving their fee-laden mutual funds—the funds that they, the Financial Advisors, are making a pretty penny on—into annuities is a bad move because of SURRENDER CHARGES!

Throughout the hour, David explains why and how Savers have less reason to fear the sometimes unpredictably fickle Market when they choose to participate in The WorryFree Retirement®.

Listener’s question addressed in today’s show:

Hey David. I have some concerns because I’ve had some health issues in the past. I didn’t work for about 4 years and because I was a single mom for eight years and couldn’t put any money away in my 401k. Now, I feel like I’m behind in where I should be and I’m concerned about when I can retire. How do I get to the point where I can retire comfortably? We would like to take the money that we do have and grow it as much as possible without taking too much risk.

Essentially, what this listener is saying is that she needs a game plan. To hear what comments and suggestions David has to give about developing a strategic retirement game plan, listen to the entire episode today.

the-creature-from-jekyll-islandRecommended Reading:

Recommended Reading talked about in this broadcast: The Creature of Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin.

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This week’s words of wisdom:

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”  – Zig Ziglar