Why The Fed Can’t Stop Printing

This week David talks about why The Federal Reserve Can’t stop printing Money (Currency).money-printing-press

The real question should be, When will they increase their printing? The fact is, The Federal Reserve Can NOT stop printing. Tune in to learn why.

Now more than ever,  following the common advice propagated by those whom represent Wall Street, The Big Banks and  The Federal Reserve will separate millions of Americans  from their hard earned money. It’s absolutely critical to not follow the herd in these less than certain economic times.  Doing so could be at your own peril.

Do you own research,  seek the truth, don’t take our word for it. The events that will take place in the coming years will devastate many retirement savings plans and place millions of savers at the mercy of those who control much of the retirement planning industry and the money supply. Banking is misunderstood by almost everyone, yet it has a significant impact on our lives.  Who controls the Banking function in your life? You should be in two professions throughout your lifetime. 1. Your Day Job  2. You must understand and control the banking equation in your life. If you don’t, by default the financial institutions will.

Learn The Truth, Study the Facts, and Get Educated.

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