The Election and Your 401K

There’s a lot of talk amongst Republican and Democrat financial talking heads about the upcoming election and what “could” happen to your investments should the market take a turn to the left or the right. Come November 1st, can your retirement fund withstand a possible hit?

On this episode of The David Lukas Show, David takes the hour to talk about the possible liabilities your government sanctioned retirement funds (401ks, pensions, IRAs…) may carry with the market swings that could happen depending upon which candidate is elected.

Topics David covers today:

  • Possible future changes to retirement plans
  • Future Department of Labor rulings and what that means
  • What unnecessary risks you could be taking with your money
  • Taxes and deductions that could change with either candidate
  • How to plan for retirement no matter who wins the election AKA election-proofing your portfolio

To hear all of the trusted information that David, Central Arkansas’s own, has to offer, listen to the entire episode today.

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