The ABCs of RMDs

Retirement is meant to be the period of calm after the rocky road of years of career(s) and earning. The actual act of retiring used to be fairly simple, back in the day. But now, future retirees NEED to know a multitude of things and require a specific gameplan to retire right—without penalty and most importantly WorryFree®.  


This week on the David Lukas Show, our host David Lukas gives us listeners the
ABCs of RMDs. Throughout the hour David explains what RMDs (Required Minimum Distributions) specifically are and why they are important to your overall retirement strategy.


Facts about RMDs discussed in today’s show:

  • What types of accounts are subject to required minimum distributions
  • How to delay an RMD if applicable
  • When the magical 10 year “penalty free” period of withdrawal starts  and ends for specific ages
  • How much must be taken out, specifically, per applicable account
  • How to prepare for paying taxes on your RMD(s)


What does the acronym ABC stand for?

A: is for the aggregation of each tax deferred account

B: is for beginning withdrawals

C: is for consider your taxes


To hear all of the important information discussed in this show, listen to the entire episode today.


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