The 2013 Economic Freedom Summit

Join us for the upcoming 2013 Economic Freedom Summit that will take place at The Chateau On The Lake in Branson, MO. The event will be held this October the 25th and 26th.

The Wealth Freedom Fellowship is a partnership among some of our country’s top financial professionals, attorneys and CPAs with a goal of teaching people how to analyze and implement the most effective financial solutions. Our flagship conference, The Economic Freedom Summit, reveals real life financial strategies that super wealthy families, special interest groups, politicians, banks, and corporations have been using for many years.

The traditional financial world has instilled in most Americans that the only way to wealth is through doing what they tell you. The major problem here is that, many times, they do not take their own advice and, even more often, their bosses do not follow that advice. Much of the conventional financial world is smoke and mirrors, designed to give you the impression that your money will “work for you” when the reality is that over time, this hasn’t come to pass. You will be hard pressed to find a wealthy person, business, or family who has become wealthy because of the growth in their mutual funds or 401(k). Wealth comes from understanding and mastering a certain profession, investment, or sector.

The Economic Freedom Summit will teach you how to store wealth in what is likely the safest asset in the world. In addition, grow money on a tax deferred basis with consistent tax-advantaged access to capital. Learn how to have access and liquidity for investment opportunities. Discover the power of financial leverage and collateralization. Gain valuable insights how to protect your assets, how banking principals can accelerate wealth, and much more.

Join us on Friday, October 25th and Saturday, October 26th this year for two days that we believe will change your financial decision making forever.

It’s Your Money, Your Freedom and Your Future.

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