Taxes At Or After Retirement: Diversification Is Key

One of the biggest investment expenses you will face in retirement is taxes. Planning for taxes can impact your long-term return and increase your likelihood of reaching retirement and financial independence.


This week on the DL Show, our host David Lukas takes the hour to discuss how important tax diversification is and the looming detriment of your retirement accounts NOT being diversified.

stacking-coinsImportant topics discussed in today’s show:

  • What is tax diversification
  • How do I diversify my portfolio
  • Tax exempt options/holdings
  • Important tax rate and deduction information
  • Account withdrawal strategies
  • What lost opportunity cost may be costing you


if you have all or most of your money tied up into a 401k waiting to be taxed, after retirement, (or any other government sanctioned— or as David affectionately calls it, tax postponement — retirement plan) all of those funds WILL be subject to taxation at unknown amount? The thinking goes that you will always be in a lower tax-bracket in retirement. However, we don’t know what the tax rates will be in the future. Take a look at Where do you think taxes are headed? Consider this, the government is borrowing over $40,000 per second more than they take in tax revenues and approaching 20 trillion in debt (Not including unfunded liabilities). Take a look at the History of tax rates in the U.S. Below. As you can see, they are historically low right now.

tax history

Learn more about the tax tumor hidden in your 401k right here.

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