Surprising Investing Lessons Learned From The Financial Crisis Of 2008

Do you remember what started the financial crisis of 2008? Did you foresee what would eventually happen to the stock and housing market? Do you remember how much you—everyone you know lost? If a major market correction were to happen again, soon, are you protected?

The early 2000s were a time of prosperity. In a seemingly unstoppable economy millions of Americans were reaping the rewards of a stock market that had never performed better. Little did they know that soon 18.9 trillion dollars in household wealth would be lost. Never had they imagined that close to eight million people would lose employment. How many dreaded heading back to work because they lost up to 60% of their retirement funds they’d worked an entire career for because of high investment risk?


This week, on the David Lukas Show, David addresses what happened in the financial world less than ten years ago and the damage it did to the American economy. Throughout the hour David names and expands upon several surprising lessons, from 2008, retirees and soon to be retirees have at their disposal to learn from. Because just having a plan isn’t enough. In fact, having a financial gameplan is the most important thing that you can do to secure your and your family’s financial future.


To listen to all of the expert advice David Lukas has on safeguarding your hard earned retirement funds, listen to the entire show today!

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