Is Any Upside In The Market… Worth The Downside Risk?

Back in 2008, when the Dow hit a 12 year low Americans lost trillions of dollars in wealth. Such an immediate loss was a painful punch in the gut for every American invested in the stock market.

Many lost everything they had in their retirement accounts. Many have yet to and or never recovered from their loss. Fast forward to today— Americans are now experiencing the euphoria of second longest bull market in existence and many are anticipating the inevitable turn down.

This week on the David Lukas Show, David talks about how risk weighs differently on different financial personalities and what you can do to safeguard your hard earned retirement funds against market downturns. Throughout the hour, He talks about how the the Markets ups and downs, historically, have cycled and some practical strategies to secure your money from the terrible downs.

Specific topics touched on in today’s show:

  • Have a solid Gameplan
  • How easy it is to take the FREE portfolio risk tolerance analysis offered by David Lukas Financial
  • How to potentially improve what you’re doing if you’re currently vested in the market.
  • How important a second opinion is when it comes to big decisions being made in planning your retirement.
  • How to take action in planning your retirement

To hear all the valuable insight that David Lukas has to offer, listen to the entire episode today.

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