Statistics say, this could happen to you…

Just when you think you’ve got things figured out, life can throw you one heck of a curveball. In the blink of an eye, your financial future can change for the worst. For those of us who have a financial game plan, things may be less traumatic. For those of us who don’t, the transition could lead to financial ruin.

This week on the David Lukas Show, David talks about all the reasons people might have for an early retirement. Whether you’re being downsized from your job, you have to quit working for health reasons, family issues, or just forced to retire early, the main issue you may have is being unprepared. Throughout the hour David discusses the options retirees have and what they can do—through concise and careful planning—to combat the sudden loss of income if it happens to them.

Topics discussed in today’s show:

  • Planning for the unexpected
  • Having a gameplan
  • Generating income after retirement
  • Being proactive vs. reactive in retirement

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