Scary Times for Your Retirement

Life can be scary and/or downright horrific at times—and not just at Halloween! In fact, because there are so many uncertainties surrounding all aspects of our lives it’s hard to know just how safe you really are in anything let alone your financial life.

halloweenBut, if you knew that there were certain safe holds to secure your financial future and ensure that you could retire without stress, would you take them? Would you choose a worry-full future or The WorryFree Retirement®?

This week on the David Lukas Show, David talks about what may or may not be freaking you out, when it comes to retirement. Throughout the hour David mentions and expands upon…

the 13 challenges—in retirement —that may be haunting you:

  1. The impending election: what could happen when either candidate wins
  2. National debt: the deficit and how high taxes will get to correct it
  3. What you don’t know about your 401k
  4. Having to go back to work
  5. Haven’t saved enough
  6. Worried about a repeat of 2007-8
  7. Skyrocketing health care prices
  8. Social Security worries and concerns
  9. The tax tumor that awaits after retirement
  10. Not being diversified in your investments
  11. Continued low interest rates
  12. Fees that cripple your savings
  13. No plan for retirement

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