REVEALED: Why Diversifying Your Retirement Portfolio Is So Important

In recent news, the Wall Street Marketwatch and Investment News reported that  “Medicare’s trust fund will be exhausted in 2026…Social Security taps into trust fund for the first time in thirty  years… 

and that Stock Market returns over the next decade will be well below historical norms.”


With all these negative projections, it’s hard to know what is real and what is speculation.

Unfortunately, math doesn’t lie. According to the program’s trustees, “the adverse costs of the changes happening within Medicare and hospital insurance fund spending are anticipated to be greater than last year.”

Higher costs for them mean less coverage and rising costs for you. Are you financially prepared for that?

This week on the David Lukas Show, our host David Lukas, of David Lukas Financial, talks about the uncertainties associated with the future of Medicare and Social Security.

Throughout the hour, David explains how both current and soon-to-be retirees can no longer rely on just one source of income in retirement.

Important topics discussed in today’s show:

  • Why the three most important words in retirement are income, income, income
  • How to navigate the critical challenges ahead with Medicare and Social Security
  • Your options to generate income after retirement

To hear all of the excellent information provided in today’s show, listen to the entire episode today!

*Marketwatch article quoted:  Medicare Finances Downgraded In New Report

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