Retiring In A Bear Market Is Riskier Than You Think!

The Market’s been up for a long time. Too long—many experts say— and we’re undoubtedly due for a major correction very soon. If that correction happened today and the current Bull Market entered into Bear Market, would your retirement funds be safe or at risk?


Today on the David Lukas Show, our host David,  of David Lukas Financial, talks about what could happens should we enter into a much predicted and historically overdue Bear Market. Throughout the hour, David discusses the devastating impact a correction could make on your nest egg and how, if you’re not careful, it could cause you to go broke.


Topics discussed on today’s show:

  • Sequence of Return Risk and what it means to your retirement
  • What a Bear Market is
  • What a market correction is and does to your stocks and investments
  • Why you need to rebalance your investments and how
  • How to maximize and utilize your Social Security Benefits now and at risky times
  • How to generate income after retirement
  • Other money saving strategies to help you enjoy a WorryFree Retirement®

To hear all of the excellent information David Lukas of David Lukas Financial has about eliminating risks on your retirement portfolio, listen to the entire show today.



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