Proven Business Systems

This week, Val Wheeler joins David in the studio.

Does your business have a plan to spend the same dollar over and over and over?

Does your business have guaranteed access to money to expand your business?

Do you have a plan to recapture the cost of running your business with NO additional capital outlay?

You can create a tax-free retirement source not spending one dollar more than you are today. These are the exact same strategies that many large and well known corporations have successfully used for decades.

David and Val also discuss proper mortgage planning  that will have a profound impact on your personal financial future.

Prudent mortgage planning will allow you to accomplish: Spend the same dollar 4 times over your life time.Payoff your home early and recapture all the interest you are now needlessly paying.

Your Mortgage is one of the most powerful financial tools at your disposal. How you decide to pay for it can create unnecessary wealth transfers.

Americans devote the largest portion of  their incomes to housing. Consequently, how you manage your home equity will have far-reaching  implication on virtually every facet of your financial life, including your ability to save, pay for college, and plan for your retirement.

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