Podcast Episodes

The Number Twelve

Many things are associated with the number twelve. There are twelve months in a year, you can buy cookies, doughnuts and eggs by the dozen, and of course, there’s the twelve days of Christmas. There’s also that elusive 12% average… (Read more)

The Pirates of Manhattan

David is joined by Barry Dyke author of The Pirates of Manhattan. From the back of the book: Get behind the scenes of modern finance and discover the people and financial institutions which control your financial life. Learn why finance… (Read more)

Cash Flow Is The Life Blood of Every Business

This week, David is joined by Kelley McNulty who is a Business Litigation and Corporate lawyer with Gill Ragon Ownen. David and Kelley discuss the importance of  collecting accounts receivables within a business. When your business is struggling to collect on the services or… (Read more)

Opportunity Cost and Compounding Interest

What is opportunity cost? Simply stated, if you have a dollar today and you transfer it to someone else, not only did you lose that dollar, but also what that dollar could have earned you over time had you not given it… (Read more)

Labor and Employment Laws, What You Must Know

This week David invited Employment Law Attorney Brian Vandiver onto the show. Brian exclusively represents employers in all areas of labor and employment law. If you are an employer, this is a must hear show. The laws that apply to employers are constantly changing. The regulations… (Read more)

Proven Business Systems

This week, Val Wheeler joins David in the studio. Does your business have a plan to spend the same dollar over and over and over? Does your business have guaranteed access to money to expand your business? Do you have a plan… (Read more)