Nine Common Social Security Assumptions That Could Cost You.

With no real help from the SS Administration itself, it’s hard to know whatsteps are necessary to take in maximizing your Social Security benefits. In fact, so many retirees assume that the process is easy. Unfortunately, it isn’t.

This week on the David Lukas Show, David talks about the many common assumptions people make or have already made about claiming Social Security. Throughout the hour, David talks through the 9 most common presumptions (listed below) that can impact your retirement and what you can do to prepare.


  1. Believing that Social Security is running out of money
  2. Thinking the money you pay into the system is the exact amount you’ll receive when collecting
  3. Assuming that SS is there to replace the entire income lost after retirement
  4. Believing that SS benefits (amount paid to you) are based, solely, on the last ten years of your income
  5. Mistakenly thinking that the retirement age of 65 is set in stone for everyone
  6. That the SS Admin will give you useful personalized advice
  7. Assuming that if you don’t claim your benefits as soon as you can (age 62) that you’ll collect less
  8. Not knowing the specifics about spousal benefits and the complications in collecting
  9. Not understanding eligible benefits before/after divorce


To hear all of the highly informative information David has for you about Social Security, listen to the entire episode today.

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