More Uncertainty in 2017: How To Protect Yourself NO MATTER WHAT

Last year, the stock market saw its worst opening week for a new year EVER. In a series of unbelievable events—Brexit, some of the lowest interest rates in history, the election of Donald Trump, terrorist attacks…—2016 was surprising to say the least. So what’s in store for 2017? A new recession? A currency collapse? If something unpredictable happens to our economy, are your retirement savings safe?

This week, on the David Lukas Show, David talks about all the unpredictable things that are not in our control financially. Throughout the hour our host talks in detail about the…

7 ways to be proactive in protecting your money and insulating yourself from disaster

  1. Getting a Financial Advisor
  2. Planning when to take Social Security at the right time
  3. Preparing for taxes after retirement
  4. Diversifying your portfolio
  5. Considering an annuity
  6. Creating an income plan
  7. A means to generate income in retirement

To hear about each way you can protect yourself and your hard earned retirement funds, in detail, listen to the entire show today!

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