July the 19th, 2014 Broadcast

Businessman Using CalculatorListen to Neil Denman and Deron Hamilton, of Denman, Hamilton & Associates CPA, PLLC, discuss how CPAs can and should be utilized throughout the year—not just during tax season.

This week’s installment involves a candid conversation about Denman, Hamilton & Associate’s specific expertise in:

  • 401K taxation and penalties
  • New business set-up (advantages in INC, LLC, etc.)
  • Self-employment taxation regulations
  • Limited legal tax liabilities
  • S Corporations and C Corporations
  • Positive cash flow strategies
  • Specific wealth creation processes
  • Balanced budgeting

1044907_471519809606228_308844959_nBy implementing the proactive approach that sets them apart from other firms, Hamilton and Denman can execute the strategies needed to eliminate unnecessary or painful taxation.

To learn more about these proactive strategies, contact Neil Denman or Deron Hamilton at: (501) 312-9491.Denman, Hamilton and Associates serves clients all over the United States.

To learn about more financial strategies that are unknown by many CPA’s and Financial Advisors, contact David Lukas at: (800) 559-0933 or David@DLShowOnline.com or visit: DavidLukasFinancial.com