JJ Childers On: Get It, Grow It, Guard It

Do you have a plan for your finances? Listen to David’s guest host JJ Childers, attorney, financial consultant and author, talk about specific ways to increase and protect your wealth.


Throughout the hour, Childers, who co-wrote Asset Protection 101 with Donald Trump, goes into detail about his 3-g approach (get it, grow it, guard it) to wealth in safeguarding assets while taking an informed approach to your financial education.

Certain issues, such as heavy debt-to-income ratio and even bankruptcy, can be avoided by “planning your work…and working your plan.”  By using a mostly offensive strategy—with a little defense, you allow yourself the opportunity to implement Childers’ 3-g approach into your personal financial strategy.

Take control of your finances by minimizing an unfavorable partnership agreement with Wall Street and Washington.

It is perfectly possible to protect your money from taxes, lawsuits, and debt with the tools and vehicles at your disposal.  Don’t wait a moment longer to plan your financial future.  The government is prepared to get theirs so make sure you’re protecting yours.

David Lukas Financial specializes in specific uncommon strategies that can safeguard you from Washington’s insatiable apatite for your hard earned money.  For more information call David Lukas at (501) 218-8880.

JJ Can be recahed at: JJ@JJChilders.com