JJ Childers: Are You Fiscally Fit?

muscular man lifting green dollar sign weightsIn the United States, where consumer debt is increasing at a staggering rate, the significance of wealth education is grossly unrecognized. Most young Americans haven’t acquired even a basic level of monetary know-how by the completion of high school, and they, unfortunately, fall into multiple forms liability because of their lack of general financial knowledge.

This week on the David Lukas Show, featured speaker JJ Childers, attorney and partner at Keech Law Firm, discusses the current lack of fiscal fitness in America and what we, as individuals personally vested in both our country’s and our own financial future, can do to savvy up money skills.

Childers also touches upon the importance of balance between good and bad debt. Taking out loans to buy a house and education can be necessary, usually positive, investments that accrue debt. But, just as in all things, the moderation of that debt is key.

Another costly mistake that people frequently make, according to Childers, is not educating themselves on their personal investments and retirement plans. He suggests delegation not abdication. Working with a team, in your own best interests, carries greater benefit than handing over your portfolio to an FA to invest for you. Remember, not all financial advisors have your best interests at heart—they get paid weather you make or loose money.

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