If The Shoe Fits…

When it comes to your retirement planning, are you a saver an investor or a speculator? Can you differentiate between the three? If you can, great! If you can’t, you’re not alone. Just as with shoes, retirement plans are not a one kind fits all situation.

people-in-a-variety-of-shoesDifferent types of people are more, or less, comfortable with different types of retirement plans and it takes a certain kind of financial advisor to help his or her clients differentiate between the lot.

This week, on the David Lukas Show, David talks with his partner and mentor Tony Walker about how anyone can truly retire worry free. Walker, the master mind behind The WorryFree Retirement®, talks about how 9-11 and the devastating consequences of the stock market fall of 2008 were both major turning points in his career. Walker decided that he wanted to keep doing what he doing—but differently. He knew that there was one great way to safeguard his “saver” clients’ hard earned retirement funds. Annuities!

worryfree-retirement-3dSo, if you’re a saver nearing the second half of life, you too can retire worry free! Because the WorryFree Retirement® (WFR®) is specialized for savers, meeting with David of David Lukas Financial is the first step to getting there. The WFR® process is easy and carries no obligation of cost to start.

To learn more about how Fixed and Index Annuities can benefit you and your retirement portfolio, call David Lukas, (501) 218-8880, at David Lukas Financial. David has partnered with Tony and his WorryFree Retirement® network to help his clients implement the WorryFree Retirement® process. It’s unlike anything else in the industry.

Do you know your financial DNA? Are you a Saver, an Investor or a Speculator? Learn about the three personalities of money and take the test today at: 3Personalities.com