The Creature From Jekyll Island Is Born

This week is a continuation of a detailed analysis of the history of The Federal Reserve.

David continues to play excerpts from a speech by G. Edward Griffin, author of The Creature From Jekyll Island.

Find out how unlimited taxation was imposed on the American people through the hidden tax we call inflation.

Learn how they decided to name the Central Bank: The Federal Reserve System.

What were the tactics and strategies used to by politicians and just how did they sell this to the American People? At that time in history, there was enormous public opposition to a central banking system in America. In light of all this, how did they get the bill passed and ultimately signed into law?

Is The Federal Reserve a federal agency? Not really. Are they are private bank? Not Really. Tune in to learn the truth.

An even more important question is, what do they do?

Large banks wanted the passage of The Federal Reserve Act as they saw smaller banks as a threat to their profits.

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