Here’s To Your Business!

The value of your business is larger than some and certainly some businesses are larger than yours. There is one thing that all business owners have in common and that is they want their Your Businessbusiness to grow!

This week David dives into a very important topic. If you are a business owner, this show is dedicated to you! You wake up every day unemployed, and you don’t get paid till someone says  “yes, I want your product!”

The entrepreneurial spirit and the hard work that every business owner invests into their business is to be honored. The many hours of sacrifice, blood, sweat and tears behind the scenes that every entrepreneur experiences is to be commended. All of this energy is expended without any guarantee of success.

The small business owner is the primary job creator in this great country of ours and any success they achieve is despite all of the obstacles in front of them . They overcome these adversities and not only improve their lives, but also those they employ that help them accomplish their mission. This is what makes America work, not the bureaucrats in Washington D.C.  If you work for a small business owner, thank them! If you are a small business owner, you know what we are talking about first hand!

How efficient is your business? You may be loosing money due to expense loss that you have no idea that is even taking place. Expense loss is not only the money you are forced to spend which is simply the cost of doing business, but also money you could be loosing unknowing and unnecessarily.

your business wealth transferesThere are only two ways people other than you can make a substantial impact on your business. One would require an intimate knowledge of your business to find new markets or better opportunities for growth. This often requires increased risk for your and your company. The second way would be for someone to help you become more efficient with what you are currently doing and help you reduce areas of risk and loss. Specifically, areas you are losing money unknowingly and unnecessarily. Obviously if you knew where the losses were occurring you would already solved these issues.

Many advisers have ideas of where you should invest the money your business is generating. When it comes right down to it, there is no better place to invest your money than in your own company, simply because it is something you know and can control to some degree. The money your company generates is investment return. There is more opportunity to positively impact your business financially by avoiding expense losses than ever picking better investment opportunities.

There is more power in minimizing the losses than every trying to pick the winners. Tune in to hear David discuss what you thought to be true about your business may not be. There is a better way. Call David anytime: 501-952-3090