This is the first show that David did in 2013. David talks about a variety of topics including:

Fiat Money, what is it? Our current form of currency that we use (The U.S. Dollar) is not backed by anything of intrinsic value. History has not been kind to civilizations that instituted what is happening right here in America today.

David talks about the Spender, the Saver and the Wealth Creator and The Personal Economic Flow Model.. 

The Personal Economic Flow Model

Should you pay cash, or finance? Once you factor in the total cost of ownership, which factors in lost opportunity cost, or principal and interest at interest, the cost of borrowing is the exact same as paying cash assuming the rate of return is the same. The cost are the exact same if you pay cash or you finance your purchase. (see below) However, having liquidity use and control of your money and uninterrupted compounding interest, are reasons to considering borrowing instead of paying cash. In a future show, David will expound on this strategy further.  (see example below). Tune in next week or give David a call at 501-218-8880

pay cash or finance?