Fiscal Fitness: Part 2

“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.” — Henry David Thoreau

“If your outgo exceeds income, your upkeep will be your downfall.” — Bill Earle

Healthy bank balanceListen to guest host JJ Childers, local Little Rock attorney and occasional guest speaker on the David Lukas Show, talk about the benefits of financial education in the second installment of his Fiscal Fitness Series.

According to Childers, everyone is already or soon will be involved in real estate to some aspect in their lives, so why not gain the financial education required to make strategic informed decisions?

Today is the show and now is the time! Listen and learn about the IDEAL investment, as it relates to real estate, and the difference between good debt (debt that has the potential to add value to your life) and bad debt (debt that can hinder you from enjoying your life).

The acronym IDEAL means…
I – income (potential to generate income)
D – depreciation (deductions, in relation to taxable income)
E – equity (building value by paying into investment)
A – appreciation (the gain of value)
L – leverage (the ability to borrow money to gain an asset)

Because of Childers’ expertise in both business and personal financial law, he’s a great source of information regarding the pecuniary consequences of debt and poor investment choices.

To learn more about what JJ Childers at Keech Law Firm can do for you, please contact him at (501) 221-3200.